Imran Kocabiyik Personal Website: Art and Data Science

Hi! I am Imran. I am building ML-powered apps. Currently:

My Personal Projects

Some of my projects with Aha! moments. The less interesting ones are in my repo.

I built a deep learning-powered background removal tool.

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Optimizers Visualized

I visualized machine learning optimizers. Adam Optimizer

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Photo Generation From Drawing

Can an algorithm create a photographic approximation while I am drawing? Loomis Head

Whaaat? But How?

Van Gogh Photorealistic

I created photorealistic portraits of Van Gogh with GANs. What else can it do? Van Gogh Photorealistic Portrait

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MNIST Digital Watch

Generating digital watch digits with an autoencoder MNIST Digital Watch Digits

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Object Detection with YOLO

I applied the YOLO Object Detection algorithm to a video I shoot with Elif in Venice.

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Tools and technologies use (and I like)

Deep Learning
Web Development
Exploratory Data Analysis
Data Cleaning