Review: TensorFlow Certificate Program

I just received the TensorFlow Developer Certificate.

It is a new program (announced in March 2020), and I think I am one of the early-holders of the certificate. Here are my impressions and expectations:

Why Choosing TensorFlow Framework?

To have hands-on experience in a deep learning framework, and I have chosen TensorFlow. It is for two reasons:

Is the Certificate Worth Paying?

The exam costs $100 and takes five hours to complete.

I haven't proven it yet, but I would expect that it would be useful for demonstrating coding skills.

The Exam Preparation

The certificate program suggests TensorFlow in Practice Specialization in Coursera. The specialization contains four courses:

The specialization program assumes that you have a good understanding of deep learning because this specialization is not about theory but application.

Deep Learning with Python by François Chollet can also be a useful resource.

Technical Requirements for Taking the Exam

You can take the exam with a PC. They consider training the models can take time, but 5 hours should be sufficient.

I purchased the exam with my MacBook because I need to upload a copy of my passport and take a photo with the webcam. However, I started the certification exam on my workstation with a GPU. In summary, GPU is not crucial, but speed doesn't hurt. 🐢 🐇

You need PyCharm for the exam. The exam plugin creates an environment for you.

Some Suggestions

For preparing the exam:

During the exam:

I hope this helps anyone who might consider taking it.

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