Some Fun Projects to Work

Listing some interesting problems I may work on later.

Review: TensorFow Certificate Program

Tensorflow Certificate Program review. Is it worth getting? How is the exam conducted? Here are the the requirements and some suggestions for those who are planning to take it.

Deep Learning

Visualizing Machine Learning Optimizers

This post is visualizing how machine learning optimization algorithm are updating the parameters. How is momentum accelerating the learning? How does it look like when we apply and adaptive learning rate?

Mimicking an Art Technique with GANs

Imitating Loomis Method with pix2pix and cyclegan GAN frameworks

Writing A Neural Network From Scratch

Yes, another Hello World example with MNIST

Autoencoder - Digitalize MNIST Digits

Digitalize MNIST Digits with Autoencoder

GANs with the Language of Game Theory

My reflections on Generative Adversarial Networks

Understanding "Learning"

Gradient Descent with Momentum


Logistic Regression with Gradient Descent

Another example of Gradient Descent optimization

Linear Regression with Gradient Descent

Solving a linear regression problem with Gradient Descent optimization algorithm to get a better understand of 'learning'…


Flight Map with ggplot2

A data visualization tutorial with ggplot2

Gradient Descent Visualization with ggplot2

What is happening in each iteration? Visualize 'Learning'...