Arts (Hand Crafted, not GANs)

My favorites so far... Yes, they are hand crafted. Some of them from my colleague years. They are charcoal, watercolor and gouache. I am not drawing or painting for a while but developing Generative Adversarial Networks to mimic my own style.

Bernina Express

2nd Feb, 2020

Samuel Beckett

15th Jul, 2019

Galata Köprüsü

2nd Jul, 2019

Elif on Sandbank

27th Jun, 2019

We are on Lycian Way

23rd Jun, 2019

Cem Karaca

19th Jun, 2019


19th Jun, 2019

Istanbul from Cihangir

1st Jun, 2019

Babam / My Father

1st Dec, 2018

Yaşar Kemal

8th Oct, 2018


1st Oct, 2018

Oğuz Atay

1st Apr, 2015

Cemal Süreya

1st Nov, 2014

Edip cansever

1st Oct, 2012